Nivian launches a complete range of Smart home WiFi devices compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Tuya Smart, the leading platform for IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

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This new Nivian range will offer fully compatible automation, intrusion or video surveillance devices between them and between devices from numerous manufacturers due to the integration with the Tuya Smart platform.

This platform has become the leading platform for IoT devices thanks to the high compatibility it offers with its cloud services. This compatibility not only goes from numerous manufacturers worldwide using the Tuya cloud but also the compatibility of communication protocols such as WiFi, Zigbee or Bluetooth, allowing you to control all types of devices or alarm systems and cameras from the same App regardless of manufacturer or protocol.

In addition, Nivian's devices are fully compatible with Google's and Amazon's smart wizards, allowing control of our home through voice commands or viewing cameras on those devices that have a screen.


APP Tuya Smart: everything under one platform

The management of all intelligent devices is done through a single APP based on the Tuya Smart platform, allowing you to control all intelligent devices, as well as create intelligent automation scenes easily thanks to the complete and intuitive interface of the application.

The Tuya platform is compatible with a multitude of communication protocols, which is more interesting because it allows a large number of different manufacturers to work making all kinds of intelligent devices compatible under the same platform and the same app in a very simple way, becoming the IoT platform leader and reference in the market.

The Tuya Smart APP is available for both Android and iOS.

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What functions can we do?

Your platform allows you to do all kinds of functions, from the simplest such as turning off or on lights remotely through the mobile device or by voice commands with the intelligent assistants of Google and Amazon, such as creating simple scenes to run several actions at once as can be a scene to turn off all the lights and activate motion detection in the cameras when we leave home with a simple command such as "Ok Google activates the scene I'm leaving home" or "Alexa activates the scene I'm leaving home" or simply to be activated a few hours and days.

The limit as far as intelligence and automation is in the own user, since it is possible to get to make the scenes as complicated as one wants, being activated before other types of inputs as it can be that the blinds are closed when it is going to rain, that a courtesy light is turned on when detecting movement or that the devices that we want are activated before third party inputs thanks to their integration with IFTTT.

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