Safire expands the range of products by introducing new devices for time and attendance. These are added to the access control devices and the new second generation video intercom systems, making Safire one of the most stable and complete security systems on the market.

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The devices have an enviable quality compared to any manufacturer in the sector and a sensational price. With Safire you can make small time and attendance installations or more demanding installations with facial recognition models that can recognize faces at a distance of up to 3 meters.

All the Safire devices have TFT colour screens from 2.4" from which you can select the desired attendance modes. The terminals are coming with different identification modes covering PIN, RFID card, fingerprint and facial recognition. In addition, Safire devices can be connected over TCP/IP both via network cable and Wi-Fi and for offline installations data can be exported using a USB flash drive.

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Many of the time and attendance terminals also have integrated controllers with a relay output to open doors when the users are clocking in. This optimises the access and attendance installation with hybrid devices.

As for the software, Safire Control Center AC is free and exclusively designed for access control, time & attendance and video intercoms. In the time & attendance section you can configure schedules, establish extra time periods, assign different schedules to the different departments or users, apply justified absences and obtain different types of reports.

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The Safire software is characterized by the ability to adapt to different types of businesses for instance with regards to registering breaks. These can be configured in different ways and adjusted to the policy of each company. For example you can configure that every day the lunch break is automatically subtracted. Or that breaks depending on the time of the day and the duration are automatically assigned to a specific category.

In conclusion, Safire's time and attendance control counts devices of different ranges including advanced biometrical readers of the highest quality with a complete system adaptable from a small business to a large company project and comes with a free and very powerful software, making the time and attendance control adaptable to any situation while at the same time being easy to use.

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