The Italian manufacturer TSec follows the philosophy of bringing safety to its maximum exponent through the latest innovations in magnetic detectors and Intrusion detectors by radar technology, reducing both the possibilities of sabotage and intrusion. Thanks to these technological advances, they become the ideal devices for installation in infrastructures that require a high level of security due to the impossibility of being sabotaged in any circumstances.


Some of recent successful placements of these devices are; 6 European banks, different manufacturers of luxury goods, one of the most important telecommunication operators in Italy, U.S. Government Agencies, Airports, warehouses and supermarkets. Some of the known brands and companies that are using this technology are; Gucci, Siemens, UniCredit, Prada, Vodafone, Tod’s, H&M, etc.

For magnetic contacts, TSec has decided to use Magnasphere technology, which unlike classic tongue contacts makes it impossible to sabotage with a simple magnet. The Reed switches activated by a magnetic field, which are normally open and close with the presence of a magnetic field powerful enough to attract said tabs. This technology was invented in 1936 and has not had much change, it can easily be sabotaged by placing a powerful magnet near the detector, this way it will be cancelled and will not react to the intrusion of the burglar.


To avoid this security failure, TSec has chosen to use Magnasphere technology in all its detectors, which are resistant to both internal and external magnetic manipulation. By placing a magnet to sabotage the detector, or even put it before the armed so that when arming does not detect the opening, it will know of its sabotage attempt due to its construction, based on free movement inside and reacting to any magnetic field that approaches him. Thanks to this form of detection, an extra degree of security is provided in the installations, which has allowed these detectors to be already functioning satisfactorily in installations that require maximum security.

In addition, they have the first radar detector originally designed for intrusion, which unlike the classic movement detectors are not affected by adverse weather conditions and is even able to recognize if what is being detected is a person or an animal, managing to reduce false alarms to a minimum.


A general problem of infrared-based outdoor detectors is the amount of false alarms produced by climate and temperature, since these detectors are based on the infrared (IR) emission of bodies, an emission that largely depends on the temperature, however, radar technology is not based on this concept, so even if it is in the sun it will not be affected by and will continue to perform at maximum. Other interesting functions of this new radar detector is, revolutionizing security that can establish semi-static objects, so that, although we are in a facility with vegetation (susceptible to false alarms), the detector will ignore these movements by drastically reducing the false ones notices.

Among of CCTV, access controls and other security systems, Visiotech, is the official distributor of all maximum security products of TSec in Spain.