Seagate Skyhawk (Surveillance HDD)

Visiotech now has a complete range of surveillance specific hard drives from two of the world’s best renowned manufacturers: Western Digital & Seagate. Both WD’s Purple range and Seagate’s SkyHawk are drives optimised for use specifically in 24/7, CCTV, video recording equipment.

cabecera HDD

Although all hard drives may appear to be similar, and it is common to specify them purely by their capacity, in reality there are several factors to be taken into account to ensure that the disk you choose gives the best possible performance while consuming the least amount of energy and emitting the least amount of heat. This requires that manufacturers produce hardware specific to different industry requirements. In surveillance, our recorders suffer a very high data throughput while writing bandwidth intensive video streams and a relatively low level of data reads. With standard disks this can be very energy inefficient and produce high temperatures which are critical factors in the longevity and reliability of the disk and its stored data.

cámaras, DVR y discos duros

For these reasons, Seagate launched their new SkyHawk (Surveillance HD) range which, unlike standard IT disks aimed at desktop PC’s and servers, are optimised for recording video from up to 64 HD cameras (3x more than standard hard drives) while reducing energy consumption and heat production. Optimised for use in DVR’s and NVR’s these disks are designed to dedicate up to 90% of their processing capacity to writing and 10% to reading data for video reproduction. Operating temperatures are reduced which, additionally, is advantageous in muti-disk recording environments.

Western Digital y Seagate

Seagate’s SkyHawk disks also take advantage of the firms ImagePerfect firmware which incorporates advanced algorithms developed to improve the writing of HD video streams and also minimises dropped frames and downtime when operated under high workloads. The results are high quality HD recordings at full FPS and free from unwanted pixeling, crucial when playing back events recorded on your CCTV system.

Western Digital’s Purple range offers a similar solution with their AllFrame and IntilliPower technology which ensures low consumption and optimum
video quality.

remain safer

Designed specifically for surveillance systems these hard disk drives are fully compatible with all the recorders offered in our product catalogue. Manufactured to the typically high standards associated with both companies these disks are robust and have been awarded the highest international test certifications
in their class.

sello de garantia

Engineered to record over 180TB of information per year and offering a 1 million hour MTBF figure, so 1 failure every million hours or 100 years! Visiotech always strives to offer our customers the very best in price/performance/quality at all times together with our global 3-year guarantee. Western Digital’s Purple range & Seagate’s SkyHawk fit perfectly into our corporate philosophy.