• 90º Wall bracket
  • It allows 1 or 2 detectors
  • Valid for exterior use
  • Compatible with XD detectors
  • Tamper against pull-off
  • High strength and durability
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Wall bracket for Pyronix detectors with installation in 90º. Valid for exterior.

Support designed for installation of detectors in vertical surfaces at a fixed angle of 90º. It has two fronts that allow the installation of 1 or 2 detectors in opposite directions, which makes it possible to protect a perimeter. Compatible with XD detectors. It incorporates wired tamper for connection to detector (Grade 3) in order to warn of a possible pullout of the support of the wall.

Made of polycarbonate of 4 mm, which gives it great resistance and outdoor durability. Cable passage holes. Bubble level for easy installation.

Brand Pyronix
Tamper Push button switch with wire pair
Dimensions 192 (H) x 64 (W) x 114 (D) mm

- Wall bracket
- 8 plugs and 8 screws for mounting