• Integration module
  • Ajax devices with wired central
  • Up to 100 Ajax devices
  • 8 alarm zones for the wired central
  • Tamper-resistant opening front and rear
  • Device Management Software
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The AJ-OCBRIDGEPLUS device is an integration module for Ajax devices (motion detectors, magnetic contacts, remote controls, etc.) with wired central panels from other manufacturers.. It is possible to add up to 100 Ajax devices wirelessly to this module thanks to the radio protocol Jeweller 868 MHz. For communication with the wired central panel, the module has 8 different zones in which the 100 different devices will be grouped and through the information of the Ajax devices will be sent to the wired system.

The communication between the AJ-OCBRIDGEPLUS module and the Ajax devices has a range of up to 2 kilometers in open field conditions without obstacles. To prevent tampering of the module, it is equipped with a tamper anti-opening front and rear.

The integration module is responsible for communicating the status of the Ajax devices to the central panel wired through their 8 configurable zones. In addition, it includes 5 additional service areas that inform about rear tamper, front tamper, connection loss, inhibition attempt and low battery.

To add the different Ajax devices to the module, use the specific software 'Ajax OcBridge Configurator', for its configuration it is connected by USB to the PC and for its operation you need between 8 and 14 V DC power supply.

Brand Ajax
Internal security Anti-tamper, front and rear
Module inputs Up to 100 Ajax devices to be distributed among the 8 output zones
Module outputs 8 exit areas to connect to the wired panel and 5 special zones: front and rear tamper, communication loss, low battery and inhibition attempt
Transmission distance Up to 2 km in open space
Transmission frequency 868 MHz Jeweller
Compatibility MotionProtect, MotionProtect Plus, CombiProtect, DoorProtect, FireProtect, FireProtect Plus, LeaksProtect, SpaceControl and GlassProtect
Power USB / DC 8-14 V / 115 mA max.
Temp. operation -20º C ~ +50º C
Dimensions 95 (H) x 92 (W) x 18 (D)mm

  • Integration module
  • Instructions Manual
  • CD software