• UTP transmitter
  • Passive, no power required
  • Video, Audio, PTZ and Power supply
  • Is powered by 24 V AC
  • Converts to 12 V DC
  • Suitable for long distance
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Transmitter of Video/Audio/PTZ and receiver of power AC 24 V via twisted pair for long distance.

It allows, through a single UTP cable, to send the video/audio/ptz signal of 1 camera and receive the power supply signal to feed the mentioned camera. It has BNC connection (video) and standard power supply jack. The power supply signal sent via the cable must be AC 24 V, and the device must have two power supply outputs: one that gives the same AC 24 V, and one that transforms to DC 12 V. Hereby, you can feed cameras operating at AC 24 V or DC 12 V. By transmitting the power supply signal AC, you avoid the problem of distance limitation arising from loss of power when sending send the power supply signal DC, achieving much higher maximum distances.

The transmission distances are : TVI 1080 (200m) / 4 Mpx (200 m) / 5 Mpx (200 m) / 4 K (200 m) , CVI1080 (200m) / 4 Mpx (200 m) / 5 Mpx (200 m) / 4 K (200 m) , AHD1080 (200m) /
4 MP (200 m) / 5 MP (200 m), CVBS (200 m)

It is compatible with balun receivers that send power as AC 24 V, such as power supply boxes BA608VPAD or BA616VPAD.

Number of channels 1 channel (Video, Audio, PTZ Data and Power supply)
Power supply Input Not required
Video output BNC (colour 400 meters, B/W 600 meters)
Audio output RCA (300 meters)
Data output 2 wires (300 meters)
Power supply output DC 12 V (300 metres) and AC 24 V (100 metres)
Operating Frequency DC - 5 MHz
Twisted pair connector RJ45
Common mode rejection 50 dB
Impedance Coax BNC 75 Ω / UTP RJ45 100 Ω
Cable category UTP CAT-2 or higher
Power supply transmission AC 24 V
Dimensions 29 (H) x 55 (W) x 77 (D) mm
Weight 69 g

- Balun (Tranceiver)
- Video/Power supply/Audio Cables