Recreational vehicles are an important investment and protecting them is essential.This kind of vehicles, also known as motorhomes, are a focus of attention for burglars, not only due to their elevated price, but also because what is inside can generally be expensive as well.

Apart from basic security tips, such as locking windows and doors, not leaving the motorhome unattended for a long period of time or avoiding leaving valuables in sight, in certain situations your insurer may require you to have an additional security system in place. These systems include a wide range of solutions, the most important being a good alarm system, video surveillance devices or tracking systems, to name a few.

Visiotech, leading company in the security industry in Spain and one of the most important in Europe, offers all kinds of solutions adapted to all types of recreational vehicles, to increase the security level of your motor home.

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Surveillance systems for caravans

A quality video surveillance system should be able to verify the identity of the individuals when facing theft or intrusion. Streamax has a wide catalog of devices that can be adapted to any recreational vehicle. Interior surveillance is guaranteed by using unintrusive cameras in any strategic point such as doors, windows, or cabinets where valuables are kept. As the ceiling is one of the most vulnerable places, Streamax has outdoor cameras that suit perfectly to this type of surface, providing a discrete and completely legal solution.

     Video surveillance systems for caravans

    Streamax, also offers AI-based advanced driver-assistance systems to always help the driver to avoid possible distractions, or to inform about the surroundings before performing maneuvers or during driving. The devices that Streamax offers for this kind of solutions are:

    • Advanced Driver Assistance Camera (ADAS): Provides essential road information to the driver such as lane departure warning, forward collision warning, and distance warning with the vehicle in front.
      Wi-Fi connection through 4G router.
    • Driver monitoring sensor (DSM): A system based on artificial intelligence, which analyzes the image and behavior of the driver in real time in order to prevent risks at the wheel that could end in a fatal accident. This type of systems analyzes fatigue, cell phone detection, distraction behind the wheel or absence of seat belts. In such situations, an audible and visual alarm is generated to warn the driver of the danger.
      surveillance system for motorhomes
    • Blind Spot Detection (BSD): This system warns the driver if there is a vehicle in the angle in which we cannot see with the exterior rearview mirrors. It triggers an audible and visual warning when there is a vehicle and/or pedestrian in the blind spot. This device acts especially at intersections or lane changes. The main beneficiaries of this type of system are motorcycle drivers, cyclists and even pedestrians.
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    Intrusion Prevention

    Ajax Systems, Europe's leading wireless alarm, is a professional intrusion system with internet connection that provides interior protection and prevents possible intrusions. In addition, Ajax offers smoke and flood detection in a single system. All this, with full control from an intuitive and easy-to-use mobile app.

    router 4g autocaravana

    Watchman Door smart lock offers an extra security feature for your vehicle. With an easy installation, the entrance to your caravan will be protected from inside, invisible for the intruder. Manual full control on the lock, with the mobile App from anywhere in the world, integrated with the Ajax alarm system.

    Router wifi para autocaravan

    Wi-Fi connection through 4G router

    A router 4G is specifically designed to provide Internet service for your caravan, motorhome, or van. It creates a Wi-Fi and wired network to provide connectivity to all devices in the vehicle such as PCs, smartphones, or tablets, among others. An advantage of this kind of devices is its interchangeable antenna, which offers different types to better adjust to the vehicle and offering the possibility to install it outdoors for better coverage. The router can be installed in a hidden place of the vehicle or have the desktop version in case more frequent access to it is necessary. Visiotech offers the leading brands in this kind of product, such as Milesight or Teltonika, ensuring a highly professional stable connection and data transmission.

    alarm autocaravan

    You will be able to enjoy your trips or vacations without worries, as your recreational vehicle will be fully covered against possible intrusions or thefts inside. High-tech security and communication equipment which will make your recreational vehicle a protected home and connected to you at all times.