Safire launches a new smart lock capable of adapting to the different needs of the vacant housing market. This type of solution is booming especially in the security sector and includes smart locks and battery-powered alarms. There is a need to protect homes and create solutions without the need for an internet connection and without the need for electricity in the apartment.

cerradura para viviendas vacias

Many different types of real estate are known as vacant houses. Some examples of this category include tourist apartments or houses, on the coast, in cities or rural tourism, uninhabited houses, bank property or houses for sale by real estate agencies and second homes. Safire's new SF-SMARTLOCK-BT is perfectly suited to all these different circumstances.

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A large percentage of empty homes in Europe do not have electricity or internet connection, so it is necessary to have a smart lock solution that could have different functionalities of sharing electronic keys without the need to be connected and without involving a high cost for the tenant.

As for holiday apartments, there is usually a need to share the key instantly and without the need to have contact with the tenant, especially now that a large percentage of rentals are made online on online platforms such as Airbnb, Booking, Home Away, Wimdu, FlipKey, Housetrip, Kindandcoe.

cerraduras para apartamentos turisticos

For this reason, it is essential to have smart locks where the homeowner can share the access to the house from anywhere in the world to anyone through an electronic key, with deadlines and without an internet connection. Additionally, many tourist apartments are without electricity for months, for example, waiting for the summer holidays. In this case, a lock that works with batteries and has an autonomy of more than 6 months is necessary.

Many manufacturers of electronic locks have a cloud service, which has a cost for each electronic key shared towards the tenants, depending on the type of home this may not be profitable. For example, for a real estate agency or an apartment company having various properties, this would be a considerable expense. It is for this reason that the new Safire lock allows the lock to be shared with an unlimited number of administrators and with an unlimited number of renters with specific opening dates without any additional cost for each electronic key, only the small initial investment will have to be made of buying the lock.

cerradura para controlar desde el móvil

On the other hand, it is also common for the properties of banks and houses for sale by real estate agents to need this type of electronic cylinders. The real estate agent usually carries bulky key rings with a great many of keys, so looking for the correct key can become a It is an demanding task. For this reason, having electronic locks in these vacant homes that could open with a mobile application, without a limit of locks and being able to place them by street names, makes these smart European cylinders indispensable products for this sector.

The Safire smart lock is compatible with a wide range of installations. It is a 35x35mm European cylinder that can replace the usual lock in a simple installation of less 5 minutes. It has 3 CR123A batteries that give an autonomy of up to 6 months with 10 daily openings.

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Its Bluetooth connectivity makes it possible to connect to any Android or iOS Smartphone and open it through the APP. This connection is only necessary at the moment of opening the door, since all the characteristics of sharing the lock with third parties, whether other administrators or tenants, is done completely remotely without connection to the lock. The information is stored in the manufacturer's cloud and when a user has the added lock in their application, the information is transferred to them.

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With all these aspects of offline configuration, the new SF-SMARTLOCK-BT becomes the best lock for vacant homes, bank properties, real estate apartments. Above all it is the most affordable and essential option of smart lock for holiday rentals or rural houses, in which the owner of the apartment will not have to share any physical key and can configure an access for a certain period, after finishing this, the lock will be automatically removed from the renter's smartphone.

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Visiotech offers the newest and most economical smart lock with a European cylinder on the market, with batteries included and without the need to connect to the internet. The solution that adapts to any need for vacant homes.