Numerous studies have shown that maintaining good ventilation is a good way to reduce the risk of contagion caused by COVID-19, however, having the windows open all the time during the winter season means too high energy costs as well as being in uncomfortable conditions inside the rooms.

medidor de co2

Given the need to optimize safety, comfort and energy efficiency, the best possible solution is a CO2 meter, devices that tell you in real time the concentration of carbon dioxide in the room so that you can ventilate at the right times. Thanks to this, the risk of COVID-19 infection can be reduced, offering greater safety in work areas, study rooms, waiting rooms, etc.

medidor de dioxido de carbono

Real-time information for efficient results

The CO2 meters, based on NDIR detection technology, have a display which shows the information of the amount of CO2 in ppm (parts per million) in real time, as well as temperature and humidity in the room. Everyone that has access to the device can view the data and in case of a high value are able to respond the correct way, unlike devices that do not have a display which is all under the control of a single person who has access, resulting in an inefficient system and becoming dangerous.

The CO2 meters give a light and sound warning when it is considered that the environment is poorly ventilated and may be dangerous for the people in the room. To get an idea, the outdoor air level is usually around 400ppm, a value of up to 800ppm is perfectly valid, and values of around 1000ppm make it necessary to ventilate the room.

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Sustainable solution for all installations

CO2 meters have become a very effective and economical way to reduce the risk of contagion, as well as being easy to install. Current models are both USB-powered for desktop and fixed installations, as well as battery-powered for portable measuring equipment, adapting to the needs of each customer.

medidores de co2 para reducir el riesgo de contagio

With all these features, carbon dioxide meters become a very useful and accessible weapon for everyone, helping to reduce energy costs by supporting efficient ventilation.