The exceptional situation that the new COVID-19 has caused, has made security the fundamental pillar for carrying out face-to-face and necessary activities in educational centers. At Visiotech, we offer prevention measures such as temperature measurements, capacity control systems and intelligent mask detection systems, for the recovery of healthy and safe school environments.

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What are these prevention measures?

The combination of these measures means ensuring the necessary continuity, in terms of presence and safety, in educational centers in response to the situation generated by COVID-19.

In contrast to the measures adopted by the Ministries of Health and Education, it is essential to adopt prevention and personal hygiene measures. For this reason, we offer masks and sanitary gels with the aim of equipping educational centers and ensuring individual welfare.

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The control of small groups of students in each classroom means implementing people counting and capacity control systems with the purpose of automatically monitoring, through a PC, the entrance and exit of several classrooms and private rooms.

cámaras para medir temperatura con alta precisión

This fact, together with the early detection of an abnormal body temperature, represents an effective solution for the prevention of COVID-19. Our body temperature measuring equipment allows up to 30 simultaneous measurements to be taken at a distance of 6 meters. So, in real time, it is possible to be notified if one or several people have an elevated temperature.

cámaras para medir temperatura con alta precisión