Safire launches its first intrusion radar as a new intrusion detection solution. This radar uses the latest technology to accurately detect, trace and locate up to 32 intruders within the radar detection area, ensuring totally reliable detection even in unfavorable weather conditions.

radar intrusion safire

The radar solution is ideal for detecting intrusions in very large areas and where weather conditions are extreme, including perimeter areas where a conventional surveillance system does not offer complete coverage. Thanks to the accuracy of the intruder detection and the high reliability in harsh weather conditions, this type of solution can be used in locations such as airports, harbors and large open perimeter areas.


The new Safire Radar uses the most advanced detection technique. Thanks to its combination of beamforming technologies together with intelligent analysis algorithms it detects with total precision. This allows the radar to make successful detections even in bad weather conditions and thereby minimizing the amount of possible false alarms.

radar intrusion safire


In other types of detection devices such as motion detectors, infrared sensors and even video motion detection, we are limited by having to know the exact location of an intruder. With the new Safire radar we get a very precise detection of up to 60 m of distance and a very wide angle of up to 100º.

radar intrusion safire


To get a complete solution, it’s possible to link up to 4 Safire PTZ cameras to the radar. This will provide the option of a real time visual verification as well as the possibility of activating a recording of the intruder inside the area protected by the radar. The complete solution will allow the user to view, track and record multiple images simultaneously. The precision of the radar allows detection of different movements done by the intruder such as: running, walking, bending and crawling.

radar intrusion safire


There are several different configuration settings for the Safire radar to make it possible to calibrate it according to the selected location and desired use. A specific mode can be selected for areas where there is a lot of vegetation so that false alarms caused by the movement of leaves or similar can be filtered out. It also has an "open field" mode, ideal for installations in airports, harbors etc. Finally, it has a custom mode that allows to adjust the settings specifically for the desired placement and use.