As a leading manufacturer in the sector, at Safire we have an in-depth knowledge of the market. What differentiates us from other manufacturers is that we don’t forget the rest of the key elements of the value chain that go beyond the products we manufacture.

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At a time where the competition in the market is bigger than ever, it is essential to find those features and added value extras that the competitors are not offering to make you stand out and make the customers choose you. Our applications and services are specifically developed to meet the needs of the professional security industry, offering tools that solve the problems of your daily work and make you more competitive and attractive for your customers.

Safire Services is a cloud-based platform where you can access the different tools that we have developed and will develop in the future. Everything that Safire technology has to offer in one place and access with a single account.

Currently there are two services that Safire Services users can access: ProCloud, our revolutionary cloud-based monitoring service, and SafireDNS, an advanced dynamic DNS infrastructure designed from the ground to support the most demanding work loads.



ProCloud offers the professional CCTV-installer some peace of mind knowing that his installations are in perfect working condition by continuously checking in on the added devices. You simply register your recorders online or directly from the app and you will receive notifications in real time when important events occur. If a device shuts down or loses connection, you'll know it instantly. If an alarm output from a recorder is activated or the hard drive is full the app will notify you. Thanks to this information provided by ProCloud, our customers can efficiently manage incidents and breakdowns that might occur in their installations and resolve them proactively, giving their customers a service of the highest quality.

ProCloud also offers features that makes it a powerful management tool. The possibility of adding additional information to each system, such as the customer's contact details or the location of the installation, allows ProCloud to be used by coordinators to control inventory or to plan the work of maintenance technicians.

How did we come up with this idea?

ProCloud is based on our experience developing solutions for monitoring stations around Europe. The tools developed by Safire are the most demanded and best valued by professionals in the field of professional monitoring.

For the monitoring stations it is vital always knowing the operational status of the surveillance installations connected, as a failure in any of the devices in an installation might cause a delay in reacting in time to intrusions.

At Safire we knew that these tools would also be very useful for professionals outside of the monitoring stations. There are many video surveillance installations that do not have dedicated staff constantly checking that the systems are working properly. If a system failure occurs such as a hard disk error or the loss of video signal, it is not unlikely that it will go unnoticed until that moment where there is a break-in and you realize that the devices didn’t work. With Safire ProCloud you can avoid that situation.



Dynamic DNS services, or DDNS, are an essential element when it comes to guaranteeing access to video surveillance facilities from outside the private network where recorders and cameras are usually found.

Thanks to DDNS, the equipment of a private network can be contacted although its public IP changes. Regardless of when these changes occur, the DDNS servers will make sure to keep the corresponding IP address updated, so the installation can always be accessed through its domain.

In Safire we are aware that there are already many services of this type, so why offer our own alternative? Fundamentally for two reasons: compatibility and quality of service.


SafireDNS is the only dynamic DNS service designed specifically for video surveillance equipment. After carefully analyzing the behavior of a large number of devices from various manufacturers, we have developed our dynamic DNS service to ensure reliable and uninterrupted operation even in cases where the equipment implements DDNS protocols outside the specifications.

Another essential aspect that differentiates SafireDNS from other providers is that the architecture of the service is designed from the base to be scalable and support a very high number of requests. We are convinced that our professional users will love our DDNS and we have prepared it so that it can grow with them, always maintaining a high degree of reliability.

Safire Services is the only cloud-based platform that offers services for CCTV professionals in its own infrastructure designed from scratch to be scalable. And even more exciting is what is yet to come. The platform allows the new services we develop to reach our customers faster.

We want Safire Services to provide everything you need to make your business perform at its best, so if you have ideas, do not hesitate to contact us. We want to be close to our users, to listen to your suggestions and develop your ideas, giving you the tools you need to increase the profitability of your businesses and be even more efficient in your daily work.

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