• Intelligent boiler thermostat
  • Double module: WiFi HUB + Radio Control
  • Universal: wired or wireless
  • NVS-RADIATOR-TRV Radiator Valves
  • Compatible with TUYA Smart
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google assistant
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Nivian Smart gas boiler thermostat.
Universal compatibility, for any gas boiler that has an outlet for thermostat control, either with 2 or 4 wires. Easy to install, no need for pre-existing installation or wiring.
Its great advantage is the flexibility of installation, since it allows wired installation, directly replacing the existing wired thermostat, or it can work wirelessly and offering the possibility of placing the control knob wherever we need it at any time.

It consists of two elements, a communication center or HUB and a control unit.
The plant uses two types of communication technology: WiFi, to link to a router that provides internet access, making it possible to manage it from the Tuya Smart app, and via radio, to communicate with the control unit and other accessories.

The most outstanding features of this solution are:

  • Installation of the plant in the optimal location for WiFi coverage.
  • Long range of the control unit and accessories via radio (80 m open space).
  • Low consumption radio, great autonomy and stable communication.
  • Battery powered control unit, to place it where needed.
  • Dual installation: Thermostat control relays in both the control unit and the control panel.
  • Possibility of other accessories via radio, such as NVS-RADIATOR-TRV radiator valves.

The Tuya Smart app offers compatibility with the largest platform of existing Smart Home devices, including Nivian Smart products.
Configuration is simple and intuitive at 2 single steps thanks to the Tuya Smart cloud.

Thanks to the Tuya Smart cloud, the possibilities of automated control and management increase exponentially:

  • Remote temperature management.
  • Manual, automatic or vacation mode operation.
  • Intelligent programming capability.
  • Actions linked to the GPS positioning of the mobile user.
  • Weather-related actions (integrated server)
  • Creating smart scenes by interacting with other Smart Home devices.

Additionally, the Tuya app is compatible with Google and Amazon Alexa voice assistants, with which you can activate devices and scenes through convenient voice commands.

Brand Nivian - Nivian Smart
Communication HUB (WiFi 2.4 GHz / RF 868 MHz), Remote Controller (RF 868 MHz)
HUB connections Boiler relay (2 wires) and power 90~230V (2 wires)
Control unit connections Boiler relay (2 wires)
Sensor temperature range 0° C ~ 50° C
Setting temperature range 5° C ~ 29.5° C
Step of the adjustment increment 0.5° C
Power HUB (AC 90~230V), Control unit (AA batteries 1.5 V x 3 included)
Use Interior
Temp. operation 0º C ~ 50º C
Dimensions Two modules of 89 mm (H) x 92 mm (W) x 25 (D) mm
Weight 160 g
  • HUB communication center
  • Control unit
  • Wall mount bracket with connection Control unit
  • Wall bracket with HUB connection
  • 3 AA batteries 1.5 V
  • Installation quick guide