• Temperature and humidity meter from CO2,
  • With user-programmable visual and audible alarm
  • Maximum/minimum value
  • Measurement range from CO2 400~5000 ppm
  • Ability to store data in history
  • Battery powered
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  • Air Quality Meter
  • The monitor displays the concentration of CO2, temperature, humidity, date and time
  • Measurement range from CO2 400~5000 ppm
  • Sensor from CO2 NDIR maintenance-free
  • Sound and light warning when the concentration of CO2 exceeds
  • Battery powered
Measurement range CO2 (400-5000)ppm
Screen resolution 1ppm
Accuracy (400~2000)ppm: ± (50ppm or + 5% of the reading)
Temperature compensation ± 1ºC
Temperature measurement range -10ºC~50ºC
Screen resolution 0.1ºC
Humidity measurement range 0%~99%
Screen resolution 1%RH
Accuracy 5%RH (10%RH~90%RH) to 25ºC
Power Battery DC3.7V / Micro USB charging port
Dimensions 130 (H) x 75 (W) x 55 (D) mm
Weight 195 g
  • Air Quality Meter
  • USB Cable
  • User instructions