• Switching Power Supply
  • 5V 3.4A DC output
  • 2 outputs
  • Maximum 2.4A in one port
  • Maximum power 17W
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  • USB power supply
  • Output DC 5V / 3.4A (17 W)
  • Maximum 12W (2.4A in one port)
  • 2 USB outputs
  • C-type plug

Built-in AI technology (smart chip) that detects the input current of the connected devices to maximize both compatibility and charging speed (up to 2,4 amps per USB port)

Due to the output of 17W 3,4A, this wall charger can simultaneously charge two USB devices at full speed (up to 2,4A/Puerto USB)

Power supply input AC 100/240 V
Power supply output DC 5V 3.4A (Max. 2.4A in one port) / Total 17W
Number of outputs 2

- USB Power Supply 5V/3.4A