Uniview has once again surprised us. This time with the new Uniarch range, consisting of professional IP cameras at an exceptional price level and perfectly complementing the 3 traditional ranges.

uniarch uniview

Until now, we are familiar with the CCTV Uniview product catalog with the following structure: Easy range, oriented to consumer applications, shops and small projects; Prime range, specially designed for larger projects where, among other features, smart functions are needed; Pro range, high performance for scenarios with specific requirements

gamas uniview

Uniarch arrives as the new economic range of Uniview, and Visiotech, the main distributor of the brand in Spain, sees large potential in Uniarch given the excellent quality and performance results that the cameras have offered. Moreover, it has received good reception among our customers. It is available in three different camera types (Sabotage resistant, Bullet and Turret) in 2 and 4 megapixels, all of them installable outdoors and powered by PoE.

gamas uniview

A recurring question about the equipment is its degree of compatibility with the rest of the brand's tools and platforms, since it is an economic product range one would think this could be limited. However, Uniarch equipment is fully compatible with recorders (both Uniview and ONVIF), software such as EZTools or EZStation, mobile applications such as EZView or EZLive and the EZCloud cloud service.

EZCloud, the simplest cloud

Uniview was born in 2011 as a division of 3COM, a company specialized in network design and engineering, thus becoming a pioneer and leader in IP CCTV. From its origin in the internet world comes EZCloud, a totally free service and compatible with all Uniview video surveillance equipment, with which it is possible to access any device completely remotely, securely and easily through P2P communication.

ezviz cloud
  • Live viewing and recordings
  • Device configuration
  • Remote update
  • Password recovery in case of loss
  • Ability to share devices to third parties with personalized permissions and for a defined time
  • Ability to share devices to third parties with personalized permissions and for a defined time

Generally, when devices are accessed remotely, it is necessary to configure network settings or even open ports, which is not recommended as it reduces security by allowing access to anyone. However, P2P communication does not require any additional configuration, and since Uniview has a team of expert network engineers, it offers a totally stable and secure service.