Batteries, devices that convert chemical energy into electrical energy, are very common elements in alarm installations and specifically in radio alarm systems.

This form of power supply is a great advantage for the installer, helping considerably to reduce installation costs, as well as the time invested due to its simplicity.

Batteries can be classified into two main groups: primary (non-rechargeable) and secondary (rechargeable). Primary batteries are ideal for powering wireless alarm systems.

At Visiotech we have a complete catalogue of batteries for your alarm, with the highest quality on the market and meeting demanding quality criteria.

pilas para alarmas

Batteries and their key points

  • Battery type: saline, alkaline or lithium.: Saline batteries are the cheapest, but they have lower capacity and quality than the rest. Alkaline batteries have higher capacity and quality, but they work in a limited temperature range. Finally, lithium batteries have a much higher quality than previous ones, with a very low temporary self-discharge, high energy capacity and a wide operating temperature range. These characteristics make lithium batteries the ideal batteries for an alarm system and its devices.
  • Nominal voltage: power required by the device. We offer a wide range for different device needs: 1.5 / 3 / 3'6 / 9 Volt batteries.
  • Capacity: directly affects the battery life.
  • Sealing technology: if it is not good enough, it will affect not only the life but also the condition of the device where it is used

Taking into account the above points, we must select the batteries that fit our alarm system and peripheral devices: volumetric detectors, magnetic contacts, indoor and outdoor sirens, wireless controls, etc.

Why choose Visiotech?

  • Alkaline and Lithium batteries: Different types to match the needs of your installation.
  • High Quality: In the industrial market there is a wide variety of these batteries, but not all meet the minimum requirements to ensure proper operation. At Visiotech we take care of ensuring that these batteries meet the necessary quality controls and use the best sealing technology, since poor quality could also affect the the devices where they are used.
  • Best price: Ensuring the highest quality of these devices, we offer the best price for our clients.
  • Variety: the variety of our catalog will allow you to cover the needs of all the intrusion systems on the market. More than 20 different batteries in our catalog

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