Visiotech presents the new range of entrance and exit turnstiles which makes it possible to complete an access control system in a professional manner. These turnstiles have the capacity to be connected to any access control system of any brand through their relay inputs


There are different models of turnstiles, which depend above all on the type of access you want to select and the aesthetics you want to install:

  • Tripod-type arm turnstiles: These are the most well-known turnstiles. They are normally composed of 3 rotating arms which, being bi-directional turnstiles, rotate in both directions, depending on whether entry or exit is made. The main feature of these turnstiles is that they allow the arm to fall in case of loss of electricity power and are safe for fires. The places where these access turnstiles are most commonly used are usually very busy places, where it is necessary to keep the passage time between people to a minimum, such as amusement parks, gyms or train and metro stations, where many turnstiles are required or there is little space for installation.
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  • Motorized arm tripod turnstiles: These turnstiles are visually identical to the previous ones, unlike those, the rotation is carried out automatically, when the turntable is released by the access control device. The turntable waits for someone to come near it and carries out the rotation automatically thanks to its motor without the need for the user to be the one to push it. Unlike traditional turnstiles, the main advantage is that they are quieter.
  • Motorized doors: The motorized doors are made up of a pair of turnstiles, each of which has a wing that is inserted into the turnstile when it is opened by means of an access device. These are usually installed in offices that do not require fast openings, but more of a careful approach and with somewhat more advanced functions such as the automatic programming of the entrances and exits or anti-tailgating.
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  • Motorised passageways: These are the most advanced turnstiles in terms of aesthetics and opening speed, as well as being the quietest. They are made up of two turnstiles with a hinged door in each one that, when the correct access identification is introduced, fold up in the direction of the passage, making the passage extremely fast. These turnstiles are usually installed in places where you want to take good care of aesthetics and speed of passage. They are also considered to be fast doors without stoppage, as they have a larger passage dimension and open in the direction of movement.
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It is of great importance in any type of turntable that it can be integrated with the various access controls that exist on the market. Visiotech's access control turnstiles are prepared for these integrations, as they are equipped with an opening control panel in which any relay output of any access device with fingerprint, facial, vein or palm can be easily integrated

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The installation of the devices in the turnstile is quite simple, it comes prepared with universal covers to which a card reader of any manufacturer can be integrated in all the types of access turnstiles mentioned above. In addition to this, they also have sufficient space inside to store the access controllers with power boxes and batteries.

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As for the safety expected from a turntable, they can lower the tripod bar in case of a power cut or fire, so these turntables are prepared for projects that require this.

On the other hand, it should be noted that all Visiotech's access turnstiles are bi-directional, i.e. an access control can be connected both at the entrance and at the exit. In addition to this, the different functionalities, depending on the type of installation, can be configured as:

  • Open entry and exit
  • Controlled entry and exit with an access control system
  • Entry through access control system and open exit and vice versa
  • Entry only or exit only

With the tripod turnstiles this configuration is done manually, cancelling the motor that is not wanted to be used and with the rest it is configured through the menu of the control panel display. Furthermore, different opening times can be configured through the panel, so that they can be adapted to the different installations.

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In addition, motorized aisles, motorized gates, and turnstiles often have somewhat more specific functions for an installation, such as anti-tailgating, so that a person cannot gain access to the installation by sticking behind an authorised person. In addition to auto-reset and other additional features such as an entry and exit people counter

To complete an access control with turnstiles, it is necessary to have appropriate banisters and barriers of different sizes, these can be made of a glass simulation polycarbonate, or simply a banister that encloses the passage of stainless steel. In addition to this, there are also doors in these barriers, so that large loads can enter the installation or give access to the disabled.

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As far as disabled-compatible turnstiles are concerned, motorized aisles are the best option for complying with the regulations, which places them at least 800mm in width, although there are also 900mm turnstiles with a greater width that are fully adapted for wheelchairs.

In conclusion, Visiotech's new access control turnstiles are the best choice to integrate with any access control system, enjoying an unbeatable price and quality of the highest level, from the tripod turnstile to the sophisticated motorized aisles.